Mysterious Botany

One of the extra cool things God did when finding us a house was finding one that had an award-winning yard! There is so much beautiful Hawaiian creation growing in our yard, I thought I would share with you, and see if anyone can tell me what some of them are! I have been given several lessons on some of these plants and trees, but some of them are still a mystery. Have a look:

I'm awful at remembering names of plants but we have lots of these beauties.

Anybody know what this is?

We have lots of these. In Peru we were told they try to get rid of them because they grow like weeds. Still pretty!

Can we say coconut?!

Jack has to check out whatever I'm looking at to make sure it's okay.

A closer look at these guys, which actually is what prompted me to get my camera out. Anyone know what these are? Looks like beans on the tips of the flowers but I'm assuming they're not edible. Tried to Google it with no success. Anyone?

Mini tangerines. They are extremely sour, but look just like a regular tangerine inside. My landlord said they just use them for target practice. :)

This is my husband's contribution to the yard. I told him it had to be somewhere I couldn't see it all the time. Creeps me out. It's a coconut birdfeeder scary-face!

These are the flowers on the star fruit tree, which is sadly out of season. We enjoyed it for about a month and are anxiously waiting for it to start producing again!

I found one lone star fruit hanging on at the very top of the tree. The locals call this fruit "Five Fingers" and it is oh-so-yummy.

This tree produces a bunch of non-edible hard berries (I use them for decoration inside), and the sweetest smelling flower you've ever smelled. I think the flowers are at the end of their season too. Sorry, I didn't get a picture.

A view of the yard that runs along the side of our house. This is where our landlord suggested we start a vegetable garden if we start one. Apparently the soil there is excellent. (PS. Can you find Jack?)

Looking back across the back yard, the back of the house is to the left of this picture. Plenty of room for Jack to run!

Yes, those are the beautiful Koolaus rising up behind our house. There's nothing like seeing the mountains from your kitchen window.

Jack likes to watch the fish in the fish pond. I hate the fish, but I suppose the pond is nice.

We've been told this is a rosemary bush, and that if we want the perfect grilled steak or chicken, to just pick a few of these and sprinkle them on. We have yet to be so brave.

Another mysterious plant. Anyone know what this is?

Growing on the same plant as the previous picture, looks like the petals just fell off, but I'm not sure.

Cactus and other miscellaneous plants

And finally, a tree whose leaves smell just like cinnamon. I'm not sure if you can actually cook with it or not, but it sure smells good! Bring on Fall and this may be in several places inside our house.

That’s it for our plant tour. I would love to hear comments about what you think some of these plants are! It is really cool to see all these new (to me) creations God has made and learn about them, especially while staying home!

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One thought on “Mysterious Botany

  1. How fun Amy!!!! I could so get used to that :) The star fruit used to be my favorite in Brazil…there were a ton of them at my grandpa’s farm. I used to feed them to the cows too…hehehe….believe it or not, they like them too ;)

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