A Letter from Malachi


Dear Pepa, Mema, Papa, and Grandma,

Aloha from Hawaii! Mommy has been telling me all about this airplane trip and how we are coming to see you. I can’t wait!

So Mommy got these suitcases for me to play with from a yard sale. Aren’t they cool? I’m just getting ready to fly in the sky. I can’t wait to see the clouds!

Did you know that I will be turning 9 months old while I’m there with you? I haven’t seen you since before I turned 4 months old! I am very much grown up now.

I can play with things so much better than I could before! And I think my family is so funny. I will tell you lots of jokes to make you laugh too.

Can you see I have four teeth? Actually, I’m showing off my tongue in this picture, but my teeth are way cool! I’m learning to eat finger foods too. There’s no stopping me now!

And I scoot everywhere. I don’t like to crawl because this floor is so hard. But maybe I will try at your house where you have carpet!

Can’t wait to see you. We will have so much fun.


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One thought on “A Letter from Malachi

  1. Amy, he is adorable!!!! He looks completely different from last time I saw him…so “grown up” as you said it! hehe SOOOO CUTE!!! And those eyes…WOW…simply amazing!

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