Taking a Break

It’s clear that I haven’t posted for a while and there have been many other things fighting for priority in my life. After much prayer and discussion, my husband and I have decided to pause Amy Copeland Photo as a business temporarily, with the hope of resuming/starting fresh in a few years. You all know there’s no way to stop me from taking pictures, and I may still do some shoots for trade, but if there’s anything I’ve learned through all of this is that I’m not a business-oriented person and it currently causes more stress than it’s worth, when I would much rather create pictures for art alone. This is freeing me up to do that while I hopefully pursue more education and make better business plans. The goal is to relaunch in a few years with more focus and expertise, and in the meantime, focus on this little guy:


Thanks to all of you who are so very supportive of my work. I would have never have even started if it weren’t for so many people believing and speaking to my going forward. You all have given me the encouragement that you believe my work is worth something and that has been unspeakably huge for me. In no way is this me “giving up” or quitting. This is an effort to focus positive energies into this without getting dragged down with business. I have big dreams, and they require stepping back for a while to make them happen. 

I appreciate any thoughts you have, there is so much more I could say… but for now, I’ll stick to “Until next time!” and Aloha. :)


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One thought on “Taking a Break

  1. I understand! And we will look forward to seeing you come back in a few years. In the meantime, ENJOY the art of taking pictures of your family, friends, and God’s beautiful world!

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