Hostings, part 1

3 Saturdays.

The first was a multi-family garage sale. I really had no idea how much work it takes to but one on. My landlord approached me about hosting one together, then we invited friends along, and out came this beautiful mess (excuse the phone pics) which made me $126 and a cleaner house!


We set up my Keurig and a cooler outside and sold coffee and canned drinks for $1, which was a hit for the early-goers especially. I even made some cinnamon rolls for the people selling, but the shoppers apparently wanted them too, so we set a price and gave up breakfast!




Then the following Saturday we hosted a baby shower. The shower was unique in that almost everyone who came was already good friends, so we could skip the get-to-know-you games. Instead we ate, hung out, opened gifts, and crafted onesies! Thanks to Jenna who loaned us the chocolate fountain, Kate who helped brainstorm and tie streamers together for balloon decorations and buy supplies, and the amazing Malin for so many creative touches, including incredible homemade pink cupcakes, cute Mason jar straw combos for drinking, and an amazing banner that our new Mama got to take home with her for baby Leia’s room.


And of course, these two lovelies enjoyed chocolate and balloons. Is it possible to have two greater things?ImageImage

Stay tuned for the third Saturday’s successful event, which happened last night. It was perfect!

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