Hostings, part 2

Third Saturday:

Brian and Sarah’s wedding celebration! We had an outdoor potluck-style open-grill party for local friends, to celebrate their recent wedding back in D.C. Kristie and I planned for a while, and she came up with some pretty awesome table decorations and helped set up and clean. My husband was incredibly motivated to basically spring clean everything, it was awesome. Then he fired up the grill for some pretty incredible chicken and sausage. We marinated the chicken wings in Goya for two days.. man, that stuff is good.


The kids immediately found Malachi’s toys inside and the fun plants and the cat outside. Malachi wasn’t too sure about big boys finding his toys. Uncle Emilio spent the evening testing out the fact that kids will believe anything you say. :)Image

Our landlord was awesome enough to let us borrow their tent and tables, and another friend loaned us some Christmas lights, and suddenly the yard was transformed.


The kids had a blast in our big open living room tacking the furniture and each other.


And bring on the food, we had to pull out an extra table at the last minute to make room.


Take in the view, I’m pretty excited that that’s my back yard! Well, in a renter’s sort of way. :) This was before all the guests got there so it filled up nicely.


This picture is noteworthy for the Daddy-daughter dip tickles going on.. :)


Then the night was totally highlighted by an incredible 7 minute video collaboration of Brian and Sarah’s wedding from their videographer, Lee Morton.


Everyone gathered close to watch, we read a special note from Lee, and it was visibly so special to share with everyone. I can’t describe what an awesome video highlight it was. Nate said it best, “Wow, you guys are movie stars!”. Thanks so much, Lee, for cramming so many hours together to put this video out in less than two weeks, it’s unheard of. They were so surprised and really loved it. The rest of us loved having a little part in their day.


(Apparently Malachi was not interested).. ;)


Probably a half hour later, poor Nolan was struggling to keep alive with all the excitement.


I thought this picture was perfect.


His sister was slightly smarter by finding the couch. :)


The rest of the evening was a group of friends who hang out all day most every day at work hanging out again until almost midnight, telling hospital stories and debating over clinical trials. As much as the rest of us don’t get what’s going on, there’s always enough funny stories to keep us entertained, too. We think it’s awesome this class has gotten to be friends, it’s a pretty great group! Congrats, again, Brian and Sarah!

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