This weekend was really our last “normal” weekend together until January… I’m leaving for SC and later Chicago for about two months in a couple weeks, and today Nate started ICU, which means he lives outside of work or sleep for about an hour or two every day, enough time to eat dinner and brush his teeth. So we took advantage of the weekend, and it helped that Sunday was his birthday.

Friday Nate and a couple guys went to the cheap theater to see the Bourne Legacy for $5.. we LOVE that theater, you can’t be $1 popcorn! (..even if the movies have left the other theaters already, who cares!) Saturday we determined what we wanted for our joint Christmas gift, researched it, and went to the store to buy.. came home with a new blue ray player. (I should clarify, this is not normal, we had money set aside for this and decided since we wouldn’t be together for Christmas here anyway, we might as well get it before I leave). We came back home, got it set up, did some relaxing and cleaning, and then headed back out to use our Groupon for a brand new restaurant making Chicago pizza! I really hope this catches on and the business does well so we continue to have this. It was really a great pie.. not QUITE Giordano’s, but close enough for being so many miles away. We were satisfied.

Here’s my pizza endorsement–Go! Check it out, it’s not expensive, and I want to continue to have the chance to get a taste of home. :) It’s right across the street from the Hawaii Theater. We were even offered free tickets to see the electric guitarrist who was going on that night just by nature of being in the right place at the right time but passed it along since we had Malachi with us. Check out their facebook page here. Just know that they are not open on Sundays, but they are open for dinner every other day.

We got back home from pizza and an unsuccessful attempt at finding a public restroom (seriously, what’s the deal with not letting people use your bathroom? Are people really that afraid of loosing money on toilet paper and having to wipe it down a couple times a day?) so Nate dropped off a full-bladdered wife and a super silly/been-awake-too-long toddler, and he went to get a new Blu-Ray DVD from RedBox to try out our new player (“Safe”–good movie!). I tell ya, bath time with a hyper one-year-old can be so much fun. :) Chasing him down to put clothes on him.. that can be just exhausting! But it’s always fun, he can be so silly. I just love this age.

Sunday several friends came together to make breakfast and bring a pretty awesome spread to share at church for Nate. He was thoroughly surprised and we have such awesome friends to go to all that trouble! We had chocolate chip coffee cake, pound cake, biscuits and gravy, cinnamon rolls, among other things.. lots of sweets and breads. I made his favorite sweet potato casserole, which is not normally a breakfast deal, but it’s for birthday, right? Mmm.. after getting stuffed at church and having an awesome worship/sermon, we were filled up with goodness. I have really been appreciating Sean’s messages through the book of Mark, mostly because I’m seeing Jesus to be just a twinge different than I thought before.. or maybe the questions I had about the gospels are making a lot more sense. I want to process through that one of these days on here but I will save it for another post.

After church was FPU. Some friends of ours are hosting/teaching a class lead by Dave Ramsey, financial guru and guide to managing money. Most of the things we are learning are things we know, but it is making us be a little more focused about our money and not just taking it as it comes.

Yesterday the topic was insurance, what’s important and what’s not, what’s a gimmick or scheme to get your money and what’s not. These are the things we just don’t want to think through and keep putting it off, so it’s good to kinda have the shove to get our act together.There's a Story in Every Box.

Nate got so many phone calls and texts and Facebook messages, I think he really had a great day. We finished out the day on Facetime with Justin and Katelyn, which really made our nights! So thankful we can do such a cool thing, and for free!

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