A Crazy Week

A week from now I hope to be on my way or already in SC, can’t believe it’s coming up so quickly. In the meantime, there has been a lot going on, of course. Lots of cooking, lots of hanging with people, lots of taking pictures for friends. I will save all the chaos of the week from this blog and just talk about pictures, since that’s always my favorite in the end anyway. This week has had four photo shoots in five days. (I am holding to this break in my business, these are gifts or shoots arranged months ago). I can’t resist a few sneak peeks, the first being of a sweet baby boy, third in line of some pretty awesome boys:Image


Then of course we followed up sweet boy shots with sweet girl shots, nine days old here:


Which had to be followed up by a couple shots of adorable big sister just playing away (and maybe one of equally adorable son of mine who is friends with said adorable sister):


And what better fun shoot to do while in the theme of babies than a sunrise maternity shoot on the beach! I’ll start with just two so the rest are a surprise. :) But thank you, Bruce and Amber for getting up early for me so we could play with such awesome lighting as this!!

Image Image

I have one more shoot scheduled for tomorrow but I was up editing tonight and couldn’t wait. I hope these make other people as happy as they make me! This is why I do pictures, the art at the end. The business part bogs me down. So maybe one day I’ll figure everything out and get back on track, but in the meantime, here’s to having fun!

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