Travel Frenzies

Hi all, we’re still here.

So the military has a special program for service members where they allow passengers to fly along on their flight missions for free if there’s extra room, and this is available for dependents as a respite if they are stationed overseas. I’ve been planning to take advantage of this for months now, researching to ask all questions possible. There are tons of advantages, one of course is that it’s free, which coincides greatly with our current budget/paying off debt goals. Another is that Malachi doesn’t have to ride in my lap for 12+ hours of flight time, so we really save the price on two tickets, even though he’s still technically lap-child age. In addition, typically the planes are the military cargo or infantry planes, so they say once you’re in the air, everyone walks around, lays out blankets to sleep, etc. Sounds like a dream come true when you have a toddler!

These are some pictures I stole from the internet to give you an idea…

I’ll add my own pictures once I have them. We were available to leave Monday, now it is Friday and we’re really hoping for a flight tomorrow morning. So far they’ve gotten us ready to go and then cancelled the passenger space on the flights. Oh well, we are learning patience!

In the meantime, I made Malachi a few fun things for the flight:



Ok, so the creativity was wearing thin by the end, but it’s something. I put this and a few coloring books, crayons, fold-up chalk board, and sticker books in a small tray that becomes a desk (thanks to Kate Yeager for that suggestion) so he should have plenty of coloring time. We have iPad games and movies, books, and a bazillion snacks (dried fruits, crackers, cookies, raisins, fruit snacks, granola bars). Then as I was sitting here extra days going nuts, I took a hard wipes case and a few miscellaneous puzzle pieces and made a travel puzzle:



Another project was taking care of my husband while we’re gone.. we even made a calendar so he knows what’s available and gives an idea of what’s good to eat when. haha. Is that overkill? :) He was pretty happy to not have to make any decisions.


Hopefully it’s enough!

Then while we wait to not go crazy, we’ve been having a little fun..


Yesterday we took a picnic lunch to the botanical gardens and then went for a swim at the Hale Koa pool and a little dip in Waikiki beach. Good way to be distracted, and it has been awesome having my husband off (that’s a whole ‘nother story!)

Oh yeah, and I made luggage tags–I love Mod Podge!


And we can’t forget Halloween! We were here unexpectedly so I ran to the store and bought felt and a cord for a belt and used a little hot glue, scissors and a tiny bit of hand sewing, took about 30 minutes to make this Yoda costume. Unfortunately I gave up before I figured out the round head. And in the end, we were hoping for a flight where we had to leave the house at 2am, so we ended up going to bed instead of trick-or-treating. So we just took a picture and then put the costume away. Kinda pitiful! At least the felt was cheap. :)


Ok, I think that’s it. Maybe being bored and antsy and nervous is a good thing for this house! Except for cleaning.. I still haven’t cleaned. I need a maid.. or a kick in the pants..!

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