Here we are again, returning from a long hiatus of not blogging. I love to do it, but I think of a million things I want to talk about and then don’t do any. In the meantime, I’ve missed blogging about my trip home for two months, several birthdays, special events, and tons of new recipes I’ve been wanting to post about. But then today I took some pictures of my kiddo playing in the sprinkler and I couldn’t NOT post it.

Let’s also include some pictures of Easter. Our church threw a great bash in honor of celebrating the most important event in the history of the world, Christ’s resurrection. We had an outdoor service, followed by incredible food by Kiba Cafe (so ono), live local music, bounce house, Easter egg hunt, and lots of guests and new faces. Here’s some of the fun times that were had:

Easter-1-2 Easter-1 Easter-2 Easter-3 Easter-4 Easter-5 Easter-6 Easter-7 Easter-8 Easter-9 Easter-10 Easter-11 Easter-12 Easter-13 Easter-14 Easter-15

And we can’t leave out fun in the sprinkler. With a broom. And sagging pants. Oh, and a cat who apparently nagged a bird… how do you not snap a picture of that when you have a camera in your hand? It was still wiggling… gross.

Easter-16 Easter-17 Easter-18 Easter-19 Easter-20 Easter-21 Easter-22 Easter-23 Easter-24 Easter-25 Easter-26 Easter-27

Happy Easter!

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