“Little Man” Welcome Party for Baby Zachary

Yesterday we hosted a party in honor of baby Zachary Ollila due to arrive early May. We grilled up some veggies and meats and had some awesome leftover food from Easter Sunday’s outdoor party cooked up by Kiba Cafe and frozen for us for the week, plus lots of awesome food our guests brought. This was followed up by awesome desserts, including root beer floats (seemed to go with the “little man” theme).



The kids were busy chasing each other with mini squirt guns, kicking soccer balls, coloring, blowing bubbles, riding in the kiddie car or on the bike, sliding on the slide, playing with the toy grill and “feeding” everyone, and just running wild.


The adults were busy sticking mustaches on anyone and everything. Mostly children.

Easter-1-3 Easter-2-2 Easter-3-2 Easter-4-2 Easter-5-2 Easter-6-2  Easter-8-2 Easter-9-2    Easter-13-2

We ate good food, opened some fun gifts for baby boy, and had a great time! Welcome Baby Zachary!

AND, here are some other pics from friends. I stole them off their Facebook pages. They were too fun not to share!

12386_10100847617933845_2082454715_n 62839_10100847619046615_754964601_n 149203_10201179199266027_16945402_n 529353_10100847618986735_1999268417_n 536695_10100847499471245_1874091530_n 539855_10100847617918875_1880874287_n 539859_10201025091455261_766956747_n 560041_10100847617978755_18072366_n 563220_10100847619016675_1888565692_n 733852_10100847499985215_1316022646_n

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