Big Island Vacation

I’ve recently been trying to learn a few things about landscape photography. I figure it’s a requirement being a photographer living in Hawaii, it would be sad to leave here without a couple fairly impressive images. I haven’t learned a lot; I have so much more to learn. This is exposing how new I am in this field. To be honest, it wasn’t something that interested me for a long time.. partly because a lot of people do it, and partly because it’s very much unappreciated as everyone has a camera with an auto button. But the more I am here and realizing that what I see is not what I capture, I’ve been driven to learn more so we can take a little Hawaii with us when we go.

Recently we took a vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii and I made a mission of trying to hone in this craft a bit. Again, I have a ton still to learn as you will see (I made it through maybe 3 chapters of the book I bought to learn more about this). But these are a few of the images in the end. Hopefully I’ll finish the book before we move in June.



_MG_7956This is from Mauna Kea, a beautiful view of the Milky Way. This was shot with a 30 second exposure and was not something we could see otherwise.




_MG_7689Volcanic rock beginning to grow vegetation, with a little patch of imported trees from a concerned local many years ago.

_MG_7578I think this one may be my favorite. I happen to love sun spots and spewing water.


Thanks, God, for some pretty awesome things to photograph!


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