On Display

You can find my work in several locations. Here are a few examples:



This is the church my husband and I attend and I’ve been very excited to be able to shoot some photos and portraits for the church website. I think it is an ongoing project. There will be more added in the future I’m sure. Check out the website for lots of great materials and information!



The Write Inn Hotel, Oak Park, IL

This is the hotel I work for currently as a part-time bookkeeper. I have been able to take pictures of the rooms for the hotel website that is newly renovated. Come visit us if you need a close, comfortable stay just outside of Chicago (only 10 miles from the Loop)! You’ll fall in love with Oak Park while you’re here.



As listed on the Referrals page, Sarah and Tom Wilbur run a great floral shop in Greenville, SC that they call the Floral Palette. They were able to use some of my shots from a wedding we did together to add to their site!



I was hired to take photos around their office and with some of their patients to contribute to their website. Check out the site, and if you need alternative medical care in the Chicago area, give them a call!


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